My Pebble apps and watchfaces

All available for free in the PRebble appstore

Christmas Calendar

Christmas Calendar screenshot

Short jokes for days before Christmas.

Count Down


Count Down screenshot

A configurable countdown timer. You can set any time for a countdown, and set a number of different vibes in customizable intervals. Example uses: giving a speach, working out, cooking, ...

Find Cache


Find Cache screenshot

A geocaching assistant. Set a number of targets (names and coordinates of caches) in a configuration page and use your pebble to help you find them. No need to drain the battery of your phone, your watch will show you the distance and direction to your target. Use either imperial or metric units for distances.

Find Watch


Find Watch screenshot

The easiest way to locate your lost Pebble. Just install the app from the Pebble appstore or tap on the app's settings icon in the Pebble mobile app and your Pebble will start flashing and vibrating. Tip: use the app to play hide and seek!

Get Back


Get Back screenshot

Find your way to a previous location. Set a location by long-pressing any button. Your Pebble will show you the direction and distance to that point.

Get Back in Time


Get Back in Time screenshot

More advanced app to guide you back to a previous location. You can set multiple targets either by long-pressing SELECT on your watch, using the settings page on your mobile or via an API!

Get Bus


Get Bus screenshot

Get the next departures from the nearby public transit stops in the Helsinki area. Select a vehicle and get directions to the stop and a timer to show how much time you have. The app doesn't work anymore since HSL has changed their APIs. The code is open to anyone who wants to update it to supprt new APIs.

Hack Portal


Hack Portal screenshot

Ingress companion. Will tell you when your portals have cooled down. Configurable mods (heat-sinks and multi-hacks). Also shows currenct Cycle and Checkpoint and the time to the next Checkpoint.

Know Everything


Know Everything screenshot

Get information from Wikipedia to your Pebble! Either dictate the title of an article or get random articles by a flick of a wrist.

Solve It


Solve It screenshot Solve It on the Rebble appstore

A watch face that shows the current time as mathematical expressions. Configurable difficulty levels.



Suunnillee screenshot Suunnillee on the Rebble appstore

Show the current time in Finnish. Not quite the exact time and not quite exact Finnish but in a way you'd tell the time to a friend.

Test Location


Test Location screenshot

Just a simple tool to check which location features are working. Shows the current location, GPS accuracy, heading, speed, altitude and the accuracy of altitude (if your mobile provides them). You can set a watcher that updates the information whenever it changes.

Track Mood


Track Mood screenshot

Track the changes in your mood. Use the 5 step scale (terrible, bad, ok, great, awesome) to evaluate your current mood. Long press SELECT to see your mood history as a plotted graph or a list. You assesments are also stored in your timeline so you can see how the events in your life affect your mood.

Work Out


Work Out screenshot

A configurable workout timer. Set any number of excercises into your workout routine, the time to work and the time to rest in between. The timer will vibrate every 30 seconds.